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Corporate Outings & Team Building Activities

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Team Building Experience in One Afternoon

  This is an intense form of recreation and team building that utilizes the latest generation in tactical laser equipment with gaming devices that are modeled after and use technology adapted from military combat training. Tactical laser tag is mission based, requiring you and your team members to develop strategy and tactics to be successful. Team tactics are absolutely critical. We offer the perfect venue for fun corporate outings, team building events, and leadership development.  Your experience will be focused on team goals and accomplishments rather than individual results.  You and your teams will:
  • Solve complex problems
  • Improve communications
  • Become empowered
  • Relieve stress
  • Have a truly enjoyable session for all regardless of age, gender or skill level
We offer 2 conference rooms available for corporate outings and/or team building activities. You can bring your “coach” to facilitate the training or we can facilitate your training with staff members providing tactical training and team training.

Bring Your Corporate Team Building Activities to the Next Level with Elite Tactical Training

A new service at Battle House Laser Tag, Elite Tactical Training includes the normal 1.5 hours of battle time.  You will have two instructors teaching tactics classes on basic movement techniques, hand and arm signals, and room entry and clearing.  One instructor will join each team as a tactical advisor to assist with your mission planning prior to each mission. Reserving the facility for Corporate Events and/or Elite Tactics Training requires full payment. Dates and times are subject to availability. View Group Pricing