Battle House Laser Tag Shotgun

Hands down the best weapon in our armory for room clearing.  The laser has a spread which allows you to hit multiple players, however the range is reduced.

Our sawed off shot gun is a blast. Literally. This gun gives the ultimate advantage allowing you to kill multiple opponents with one shot. This gun has a pistol grip and a sawed off barrel.  Awesome weapon for close quarters combat.

  • One per team.   Semi auto. 5 round magazines. 3 sec reload.  350 cycle rate.  40% damage.

Semi Auto

Magazines: 8

Rounds: 5

Damage: 40%

Reload Time: 3 sec

Cyclic Rate: 350

Weight: 3.5lbs

Length: 18 inches

Height: 9.5 inches

Range: 25 feet

Scope: none

Muzzle Flash: red/blue combo