Laser Tag Is Awesome, But Why Did We Bring It To Wilmington, North Carolina?

One reason: To offer an entirely new way to play laser tag and have fun with family and friends

laser tag arenaBattle Zone

Laser Tag played in our 10,000sf indoor arena was designed to create urban combat environment. 

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gun black and white iconArmory

With multiple upgrade options to choose from like M4, AK, pistols, snipers, and shotguns.  Everyone can find their favorite gun. 

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bomb laser tagEquipment

We have everything from a fake bomb, .50cal, medic boxes, respawns and airstrikes.  Plus for certain game modes, we bring out the juggernaut settings.

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Walkins • Birthday Parties • Family Events • Team Building • Fundraising • Fun For Everyone

What Is Tactical Laser Tag

Birthday Parties

We’re most popular amongst 9 – 15 year olds, but our birthday parties would work for just about anyone – even you old folks in your 20s, 30s, and 40s! We are indoor Tactical Laser Tag, and unlike any laser tag you played in the 80s!



Trying to find a way to celebrate with the soccer team at the end of the season? Need to put some extra pep in your cheerleader’s steps? Or need an alternative for your youth group?


This is an intense form of recreation and team building. Tactical laser tag is mission based, requiring you and your corporate team members to develop strategy and tactics to be successful.  We guarantee fun for all ages and athletic ability levels…



Shouldn’t Fundraising be FUN?? And are you sick of washing cars and bake sales? Battle House is the best place in town to hold a fundraiser and make a ton of money in the process. 


Looking for a way to bring your employees together and have fun, but sick and tired of bowling or just heading to a bar to drink? Our amazing laser combat facility is exactly what you need to get your staff communicating and working together!



Getting together with your best friends and family to shoot one another at a bachelor or bachelorette laser tag party sounds like the perfect way to party prior to your big day and get rid of that pre-wedding stress!

Laser Tag Customer Reviews


Battle Blog

Ultimate Birthday Party Place

Forget what you know about “laser tag”; if those two words conjure up visions of plastic vests, toy guns, strobe lights, and small rooms, you need to try a realistic, mission-based, laser combat experience.  You’ll be glad you did!


4 laser tag players
Family Fun At It’s Best

Families who are able to spend time together during the holidays are truly blessed.  It’s a wonderful time to reflect on past traditions and to enjoy the present.  One way to enjoy a terrific experience together


military training facility

Excellent Training Facility For Military or First Responders

Area Law Enforcement teams now have access to a truly unique, intentionally designed, indoor tactical environment for training


Get Your Battle On!!