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About Battle House Tactical Laser Tag

Battle House Mission Based Laser Tag provides an absolutely thrilling, adrenaline pumping, calorie burning experience. Our advanced laser tag facility is located in Wilmington and serving southeastern and the surrounding areas. We offer two party / conference rooms, a 10,000 + square foot facility designated with the simple purpose of having fun and/or professional training for nearly all ages. Gameplay is virtually continuous for you and your teammates once you complete the initial pre-registration process and the safety and orientation briefing. For parents, this is a chance for you to “play” with your kids, get off the couch and into a unique and exciting experience that you will talk about for years to come. The Battle House staff is trained to provide you an enjoyable experience and provide the highest levels of customer service and safety. As you will find out, many of them are prior military veterans or public safety professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and play with some of the best.

Our Mission

To provide a truly fun and unique form of sports and recreation for every adult and teenager in Southeastern North Carolina.

Our Values

  • Family
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Treat Others With Dignity and Respect
  • Have Fun

Laser Tag v.s. Paintball

For a military-style combat adventure, there are two main choices:  laser combat, which is a much more realistic and sophisticated experience than laser tag, and paintball.  When comparing the two, it’s very clear that laser combat is the better choice. Laser combat utilizes infrared light to monitor and hits. This method of using invisible light is completely harmless, using the same technology as your tv remote.  Paintball involves the use of projectiles, which can cause injuries and painful welts on all parts of the body.  Paintball participants are required to wear helmets and protective eyewear, and most wear heavily padded clothing. Paintball is played in an outdoor course, subject to inclement weather.  Laser combat is generally played in an indoor facility; Battle House offers a 10,000 square foot, multi-level indoor arena, so the weather outside is irrelevant. With laser combat, all participants have an equal playing field; you won’t have to worry about someone bringing their own advanced guns to rival your inferior rental equipment.  Players just show up ready to get a great workout and learn to strategize with their teammates during various entertaining mission scenarios.  When a player is “hit”, it will register as a sound and the weapon is disabled after the fourth time.  The player will go back to home base and respawn, and they’re right back in the game.  With paintball, when you get hit, it is a physical indication and you’re out until the next round, which could take 15 minutes or more to conclude.  Who wants to wait around to play again? Paintball also allows participants to bring their own specialized equipment, so you might be up against a team with superior weapons.  It can be a painful experience in more ways than one.  Laser combat is clearly the fun for the entire family experience you are looking for!