Top 5 Reasons to Host Your Kid’s Birthday Party

in Battle House Wilmington

A birthday is a great time to gather your family and friends to celebrate and everyone looks forward to this special day!  And for your son or daughter, it should be something that memories are made of. 

As a parent, setting up a birthday party can feel overwhelming and one of the main reasons why off-site parties have grown in popularity in recent years.  There are many fun and amazing birthday party places to celebrate in Wilmington, North Carolina. Bounce parks, amusement parks, bowling alleys, kiddy laser, escape rooms and museums are the typical options to celebrate birthdays. However, today’s kids & teenagers are looking for one-of-a-kind celebration.

The 21st century is the time of video games for all age groups. This is becoming a primary challenge for all parents because they have limited choices not only on how they can provide an enjoyable gaming experience to their children but also, look for a place that’s suitable for the entire family.

Doug Huckbody, owner of Battle House Laser Combat, spent nearly 2 years designing and building a two-story 15,000 square foot facility to present an unparalleled tactical laser tag experience for nearly every age group.

Our laser tag combat facility is located in Wilmington which is a Coastal Southeastern part in North Carolina. It has become a successful, premier destination for birthday parties, team building, bachelor parties, fundraising events and much more.  It’s a perfect venue for young and old alike to celebrate their special day.

The following are the top 5 reasons which make Battle House an incomparable place to spend a birthday party in Wilmington.


Engaging Missions – Fortnite comes to life at Battle House.  An experienced Field Marshal will lead your players through team-based mission scenarios that are fun and action packed. The kids won’t even know that they are learning to communicate, strategize, and work together as a team.  As parents, you don’t have to create activities to keep guests entertained. Feel free to sit back and relax or better yet, jump right into the battle and create memories with your son or daughter that will last for years!



Massive In-door Arena – Your kids will battle away in a huge in-door city environment complete with (8) 2-story buildings, tramways and passageways and a crashed helicopter on main street.  You’ll have over 15,000 square feet of room to maneuver, hide, and engage in competitive tactical laser combat. The Battle Crew’s staff of Field Marshals ensure a friendly, fun and safe gaming experience.  If you just want to sit-back and enjoy watching the kids, Battle House has a 2nd floor lounge and viewing area, great for taking pictures and videos of your recruits in action.  



Hassle Free Experience – Let the Battle Crew help you with your planning, hosting the party and the clean-up.  Large party rooms are available for your group to enjoy traditional birthday party activities after the gaming experience, like eating cake and opening gifts.  Parents can bring in or have food of their choice delivered to the site. A wide variety of beverages are available and can be selected on the day of your event. 



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Realistic Armory – You won’t find cheap plastic guns with slimy vests at Battle House.  Their Armory includes over 70 laser tag weapons of various models, tactical capabilities, sizes and weights.  They are extremely fast, accurate and very sophisticated, adding a new level of intensity to the game that can’t be beat.  And the equipment at Battle House is cleaned and maintained with military precision. 

Extremely trained staff & amazing customer service. Field Marshals go through the rigorous training to give their customers a remarkable gaming experience.  He or she must ensure that rules are understood, the battles are played fairly and safely, and each participant learns how to play in a strategic and tactical manner. More importantly, the whole crew goes the extra mile to give you nearly a 2-hour experience you won’t soon forget.

Exceptional customer service is always the top priority at Battle House Wilmington. Our Battle Crew will make sure that your son or daughter’s birthday experience with be something you will remember for years to come. 

Did you know that Battle House serves not only families, but student groups, corporate team building, fundraising events and much more?  We offer multiple packages that can accommodate everyone and with our latest deals and promos you are assured of great discounts!

We are very excited to see you celebrating your upcoming birthday party here at Battle House Tactical Laser Tag Combat in Wilmington, North Carolina