Many corporate team building events or ice breaking events can be downright awkward, intimidating or boring, however, with the right venue or selection, you can turn a mediocre experience into an extraordinary and memorable occasion.

So, how do you choose an event that produces the positive results you hope to achieve while producing excitement among your team?  Here are some important things to consider:

  1. Take a Field Trip – Sometimes, just getting away from the office and in a different environment helps others relax and open up—especially if the venue can offer the energy and excitement to make everyone feel at ease.
  2. Choose a Unique Experience – Selecting a venue and activity that is unique and exciting will only make you look creative in your planning and the team will appreciate your efforts to make the event appealing to them.
  3. An Event with True Team-Building Activities – There are many team compatibility programs available but make sure the programs provide unique opportunities to facilitate unity, team structure and clear missions.  Find a venue that can offers fun ways to share each other’s strengths and to build connection.
  4. Add a “Giving Back” Element to the Event



Working together on a cause can provide a great way to bond. Choose a venue that offers adventure while incorporating a fundraising initiative. This provides an opportunity to do something meaningful for others while offering a break from the typical work routine.

Need creative and unique team building events and activities that the whole team will absolutely love? Consider Battle House Tactical Laser Tag near the Wilmington Airport, south of Jacksonville. This one of a kind mission-based experience is absolutely thrilling, adrenaline pumping and a calorie burning experience. The multi-story, urban environment complex involves activities focused on team goals and accomplishment rather than individual results.