Get Your Battle Deals ON!!

team building activity wilmington ncBack to School and Labor Day Deals!!
-Pick your deal:
1.TWOfer play 3 hours for $36.
2. Take $6 off 1.5 hours of gameplay.
-We are bringing back our TWOfer DEAL  $36 for 3 hours of gameplay,
-Or pick $5 off a 1.5 hour game

fun activities wilmington north carolina

-Student Deal play for $20 off for ALL students of all ages.
-Over 18 bring school id.
-Under 18 we know you are a student based on your age.
Book Tickets
military training facilityFriday
-First responder and veteran deal $10 OFF.
-Every other day get 10% off for you and your immediate family
-Bring ID. (can book Friday online, other days of the week call)