Forget what you know about “laser tag”; if those two words conjure up visions of plastic vests, toy guns, strobe lights, and small rooms, you need to try a realistic, mission-based, laser combat experience.  You’ll be glad you did!


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At Battle House Tactical Laser Tag you will jump into the action.  “This isn’t sitting on your couch and watching your character have all the fun and do all the work, it’s more like live action role play.”


Battle House Laser Combat consistently exceeds the expectations of those who try it for the first time.  It offers a true tactical environment with a simulated combat experience.  Assignments are similar to real-life missions in the military.  “We provide as realistic an experience as we can make it,” said Darek.  “We created a multi-level city environment inside a huge two story buildings resembling an indoor city.  You have to look all around – up, down, forward, and backward.  You feel like you’re a character in ‘Call Of Duty’.”


The realistic military-grade weapons shoot “ammo” (an infrared beam) that is fast and extremely accurate.  You’re not limited by weather conditions, and there is no pain or potential injury associated with this style of play – unlike paintball or airsoft guns, which use actual projectiles.  Battle House stresses safety, offering a thorough orientation into the environment and the equipment.


This unique, destination experience offers a phenomenal workout in each 1 hour, 30 minute session.  Players will move one to three miles within that time frame, performing many different mission scenarios.  A little planning is necessary to ensure availability.  


We have a party room available. You can bring your own food and drinks or have them delivered, and we sell beer for our adult guests. We offer discounts for groups of 15 or more and for active duty military, veterans, and public safety workers. Private events are also available and include free use of a party room, all upgraded weapons, and no walk-in players joining your group. Be sure to call 910-434-5544 to get up-to-date information, or book online!  Give this experience a try.  Everyone who does is so glad they did!