Families who are able to spend time together during the holidays are truly blessed.  It’s a wonderful time to reflect on past traditions and to enjoy the present.  One way to enjoy a terrific experience together is to “get your battle on” at Battle House Tactical Laser Tag in Wilmington, NC.

Family Team Building & Bonding Experiences

“Battle House offers a unique way of bonding with your family,” said owner Darek Huckbody.  “We’re a family-run business, and we love when families and friends come during the holidays.  They battle for 1.5 hours, engaging in exciting mission scenarios.  On several occasions, we’ve had three generations playing.  It’s a blast, and the team building aspect of the experience really brings people together.”

The Huckbodys opened Battle House after his sister arranged for a pre-wedding outing at a similar facility in Wisconsin for her groom and his friends.  “We realized how fun this was for men, women, kids, and even grandparents, and wanted to bring this experience to Wilmington,” added Huckbody.  “We host bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday parties for all ages, graduation parties, youth and school groups, and corporate team building events.  It’s a great way to bring people together who enjoy an intense, thrilling experience.”

Battle House has guests from all over the world who visit family in North Carolina for the holidays.  “We’ve had visitors from Germany, Japan, India, and Canada,” said Huckbody, and just about every state in the US.  This is a truly amazing and fun sport for all ages, experience, and ability levels.