laser tag mp5

Know as the world’s best-selling laser tag weapon, the MP5 Stinger was designed with help from Special Forces team operatives. Realistic weight and feel were key attributes in the design. The Stinger is both light and agile allowing quick targeting and reaction needed in laser tag combat scenarios.

The MP5 Stinger is hands-down the best laser tag weapon on the market. It is made from 100% Alcoa aluminum, CNC milled, and machined in the US by defense department contractors. 95% of all parts are sourced from US companies. An incredible value, once you pick it up, you’ll be hooked.

Most popular weapon in the laser tag arsenal.  Known as the world’s most popular & selling laser tag weapon. Designed with the help from actual Special Forces team operators.

  • Three per team.   3 round burst. 30 round magazines. 2 sec reload.  500 cycle rate.

3 round burst

Magazines: 8

Rounds: 30

Damage: 25%

Reload Time: 2 sec

Cyclic Rate: 500

Weight: 5.5lbs

Length: 23.5 inches

Height: 10.5 inches

Range: 750 feet

Scope: 30mm red dot

Muzzle Flash: red/blue combo