laser tag sniper

The sniper rifle is one of our specialty weapons.   Now you can use a laser tag rifle that is as close to the real thing as we can make it.

The sniper rifle is perfect for military simulations and training. It comes standard with fixed position stock and is set up for long range shooting not room clearing.

We offer one sniper rifle per team on a first come first serve basis.  This weapon can completely dominate the battle field when used correctly.

  •  Only 1 per team.  Semi-auto.  One shot one kill, but with a 3 second re-chamber time.


Magazines: 20

Rounds: 1

Damage: 100%

Reload Time: 3 sec

Cyclic Rate: n/a

Weight: 5.4 lbs.

Length: 19.7 inches

Height: 10.1 inches

Range: 1250 feet

Scope: 1×2