The Sub Machine Gun at Battle House Tactical Laser Tag

The Sub Machine Gun at Battle House Tactical Laser Tag has been created to mirror the specs of an uzi type sub machine gun. It has a very high cycle rate, with quick reload times.  However, it is set to take 6.6 shots to kill your opponent.  So in a shoot with the AK or M4 you will lose.

The sub machine gun is one of the Battle House staff’s favorite guns.  Just introduced this fall to our upgrade weapons options it has quickly become a hit with everyone that tests it out.

  • Only 1 per team.  Full auto.  Six shots to kill the enemy.  600 cyclic rate. 1 sec reload time.

3 round burst

Magazines: 8

Rounds: 20

Damage: 25%

Reload Time: 1 sec

Cyclic Rate: 600

Weight: 5.5lbs

Length: 21.5 inches

Height: 10.5 inches

Range: 500 feet

Scope: 30mm red/green crosshairs

Muzzle Flash: red/blue combo

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This place is awesome and we will be back! The challenges kept changing and you never get bored! The staff are awesome and great at explaining the game! Karen Cradic Walston

My brother and I are visiting from out of town and were looking for something a little different to do. In short, you guys did not disappoint. At first the price seemed a little high, but afterwards we knew it was totally worth it. I never thought laser tag could be that fun.
Awesome arena, weapons, and the staff was very helpful in answering any questions. We loved it and we’ll visit the next time we are in town! Thanks guys! Matthew Betts

Great staff, great equipment. Kept us interested for ninety minutes with missions instead of a free for all. We’ll be back-this is a very well run attraction. Roy Draa