Mom and dad, do you want to give your teenager, son or daughter, the best birthday party experience? Yes, you could do the typical, over-done birthday event.  Or, you could give them a live, “Call of Duty” experience at Battle House in Wilmington.  Yes, you heard it right! A total adult gaming experience that offers the urban battle environment, missions and realistic-looking armory to make this the ultimate birthday party and definitely one to remember!

This coming fall 2015, Battle House is opening its doors in Wilmington, North Carolina. Located at the Wilmington Airport, Battle House provides a 10,000-square feet mission-based combat laser tag arena with a complex urban setting. Come shoot it out with your friends and family for an hour and a half gaming experience.  Then relax and grab your food and refreshments in one of our private party rooms.

Make no mistake, the Battle House mission based laser tag is not the traditional “kiddy style” laser tag with small plastic gaming devices, cumbersome vests and running children. It is a thrilling form of entertainment that provides a variety of mission scenarios that require integrated team strategy, tactics, communications and planning to succeed. Your buddies might need to secure an area, rescue a downed airman, protect your general, prevent a bomb from detonating, save a hostage, yourself or a teammate. Our armory is stocked with over 30 state of the art laser tag guns of various models, tactical capabilities, size and weight. They have the look of Modern Warfare video gaming but handle and feel like the real thing. The Battle House armory brings laser tag to completely new and exciting level of fun and intensity.

Take a look at our armory, missionsarena layout and party events. You will be amazed! Make this a party to remember. Don’t wait—call us today 910-833-1110 to schedule your next birthday party event!